Yeah,so I stayed up for the 4am World Juniors Hockey game…

Yeah, it was 4am in the freaking morning, Canada vs USA, and I was up like the other 89% of Canada. 

And we lost.

1-5, USA.

So now we compete in bronze.

And I AM proud of our team because they tried their hardest,but it just wasn’t enough.I’m disappointed because if we could beat them once,we could beat them again,y’know? But I guess it just wasn’t meant to be…

And it’s also upsetting because we’re not the powerhouse we used to be…we didn’t win gold for how many years now?

I’m just really upset (don’t judge,it’s a Canadian thing) because we take hockey VERY seriously here in Canada.Like,you may think that they take it very seriously in Russia and USA because heck,they’re great, and they also have great NHL teams,whereas Canada has sort of sucky ones… :/. But this is legitimately CANADA’S GAME, so when it comes to country vs country hockey games, it’s easy to say that Canada is THE team when it comes to hockey, and it just sucks because our name is slowly losing it’s power and disintegrating into the rest of the teams.

Let’s just hope we win bronze,and we get better for next year…because hockey is STILL and ALWAYS will be Canada’s game.

(Sorry for my rant,especially if you’re an American…or you’re just plain annoyed of me.USA played great and they definitely deserved to move on to the finals.If we can’t see our home win gold,then we’d love to see our neighbours win it.:D)

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